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Explore the most scenic city in Italy - Venice! Ride boats in the famous canals, engage in city building games in the creative mode! Create your own world of adventures and exploration! Venice Craft may be the best crafting & building games of 2018!

Craft items and create buildings in the city of canals! Your creativity is the only limit - crafting, building & exploration will allow you to expand the famous Italian city. Don't let the river stop you - build right on the water, the way all of the Venetian houses were built! Create your own islands and make new canals!

Use blocks for building & crafting in this blocky world of Venice. Create buildings from all sorts of materials, as you are the ultimate house builder. You can craft everything if you can think in blocks! This blocky sandbox and its creative mode is possibly one of the best building & crafting games ever.

Who cares about ancient Egypt and pyramid building when you can get right into the exploration of Venice? You don't need a theme park to craft a great experience, as house building and city crafting will get you all of the fun in the world! Creative sandbox games like this will allow you to build & craft your own town to explore and to interact with the local people. Chat up anybody and make friends, possibly even craft a love story of your own! This isn't a dating simulator, but you can play out some romance in the canals of Venice.

Be creative in an endless sandbox environment - the possibilities are unlimited! City building games will let your creativity flow and you'll surely become the ultimate builder in no time! Get into a new world of adventures. You can craft everything - create your own blocky world.

If you enjoy creative city building games and exploration is your adventure of choice - look no further! Venice Craft will open a whole watery and blocky world for you. Be creative, make friends and explore - the possibilities are unlimited! Download now and create your own world! Venice Craft? .

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