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Parents love this app! Kids don't like it as much...

Screen Time Squish is an app to help parents manage and monitor their children's screen time on their tablets and smartphone devices. Parents can monitor which apps their children are spending time on and block apps they don't want their child to use.

Screen Time Squish is installed by the parent on their kid's Android device with 4 simple steps. Parents can easily set their desired screen time, after which a friendly Squish character will pop up over the app saying "Time is Up!" and the child will only be able to access Anytime Apps they have pre-set (such as their calendar or alarm clock or something they need for homework).

Features include:

Set daily time limit
Block apps
Anytime apps - (Apps that the child can use anytime such as calendar and clock)
Lock device
Set bedtime lock
Monitor which apps have been used and for how long

This app uses the Device Administrator permission.

This app uses Accessibility services. Screen Time Squish? .

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