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Free - no ads - open source. Companion for the Chrome extension "Plus for Trello"

This is a much-lighter version of Trello meant for users of "Plus for Trello", however its also good as a light way to view boards, lists and cards (title and description only), using less memory than the official Trello app.

If you use Plus for Trello:
** It is not a good idea to start trying Plus with this app.
** Use the Chrome extension first.

This app can also run from from any phone or browser, or as a Trello power-up.

- View basic card data: name, description, spent/estimate per user, keyword
- Enter card S/E/Points
- Pin cards to your phone notification bar
- Open a card in the Trello app
- Two-way integration with the Trello app: Open a card in Trello, or from Trello, open a card or board in Plus.
- Offline support: navigate previously viewed boards, lists and cards, remember card drafts for unsaved S/E/Points

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