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Pixel Summoner APK

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Pixel Summoner is a new clicker style RPG!
No matter how strong enemies confront with you, defeat them all by force of numbers!

- Fight by summoning your familiar spirits!
The summoning method is easy, just long tap the screen
Familiar spirits will appear and they will fight against enemies

- Mighty heroes will help your adventure!
You can also summon heroes to attack enemies
In addition, they can restore your HP and defend you from enemies

- Powerful summoner skills!
Summoner skills that can be used once a few seconds is super strong
Shorten the casting time, increase the critical chance, and so on

- Defeat enemies and earn gold!
Just defeat enemies over and over again
And then, make your company stronger with gold and gems

- Pixel art graphics!
Familiar spirits and heroes move smoothly with pixel art animation
More than 100 types of enemies will appear Pixel Summoner? .

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