PIX.pix Numbers Puzzle Game

PIX.pix Numbers Puzzle Game APK

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The objective of the puzzle is to fill a grid with pixels using numbers as clues.
Filled areas reveal a hidden picture.

A fun cross between Picross (Nonogram) and Minesweeper with a dash of Sudoku.
Perfect for fans of grid based logic puzzles and numbers.
This puzzle is also known as Fill-a-Pix, Nurie, Nampre, Mosaik, Japanese Mosaic, or FillDoku.

• Beautiful pixel art appears as you gradually solve the picture.
• Test your IQ, improve deduction skills and perceptiveness.
• The game features achievements, leaderboards, cloud saves and sharing options.
• 4 difficulty levels (including advanced rules).
• Over 130 puzzles to solve!
• Now with seasonal expansions – brand new halloween, winter and x-mas themed pictures. PIX.pix Numbers Puzzle Game? .

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