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PIRIKA is the world's largest litter collection and social contribution app*.
By making it possible to see the act of litter collecting, we can now all motivate eachother in spreading the word and making the world a cleaner place.

The spread of litter into natural environments is a major issue in our world today. This is especially the case for litter that end up in rivers and the sea or the ocean as they destroy ecosystems and even find its way back into our food.
80% of litter in the seas and oceans come from ground, so your picking litter up is an important first step in solving the problem.

Will you not join PIRIKA, the litter collection app originating from Japan, in facing this huge problem?

*PIRIKA was created in 2011 by then Kyoto Univerity students who used the equipment of the university in developing the app in secret. When they started their service, they were frequently laughed at - "who will use such a service?" - but the app has grown to be used in over 98 countries and more than 140,000,000 pieces of litter have been picked up.

Pirika means "beautiful" in Ainu, the language spoken by the indigenous people of Japan. PIRIKA? .

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