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Litoshi Stacker is a simple yet fun game, but its not just this, its more! You can earn while playing!! Litoshi stacker has a score based system, the more you score while playing, the more you can earn. You are awarded a certain amount of litoshi for every score you earn.

Stack the blocks as high as you can, the higher you can stack them, the more you will earn. Strategically place the blocks to prevent as much wobbling as possible.

Your score is added up as litoshi inside your account, once you reach the minimum withdrawal limit, you can withdraw your litoshi to your coinbase account. Remember to get your litoshi, you must sign up with the same email address as your coinbase account as the email address you provide is where our system will send your litoshi. (It is highly suggested to use a different password).

* Once you reach the minimum withdrawal you can withdraw with the withdrawal button
* Withdrawals will be processed and checked, this can take up to 24 hours
* You earn 1 life every time you open the game, after a 10 minute time limit
* You can earn more lives by watching videos or completing surveys
* You consume 1 life every time you play the game (i.e. press the play button) Litoshi Stacker? .

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