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In todays world If you do not have the privacy then spy cameras are everywhere around. People in the hotel room or changing room or in any public place put hidden cameras and other device in the surrounding. You can use hidden camera detector by using our detect hidden cameras app, in the first place when the spy camera is there our hidden camera detector open magnetic field sensor of the phone to find hidden camera. also detect hidden cameras whenever there is something suspicious. App uses the magnetic sensor to read the reading to detect hidden cameras and microphones easily around the area. checking the area manually after hidden camera detection is the best way to find spy cameras around you in the public place. when scanning occurs the hidden camera detector app gives you best result in 2019. It also helps when you have lost your electronic devices in the area around you just like etc. microphone, camera, mobile phone, and other hidden devices such as under the sofa or under the carpet very good.

when you rent a home or a shop previous owner could have left some hidden cameras in there which you can easily find using Hidden camera detector -Electronic Device Detector which allows you hidden camera detection and detect hidden devices as well whenever there is a high reading of magnetic field then you check the area manually around the place where the reading of hidden camera detection is high this area could have spy camera easily. it is very easy to detect hidden cameras, detect magnets using the mobile phone’s magnetometer sensor present in every other android device. you have to move phone facing your sensor towards the suspected area in your vicinity. To know the magnetometer sensor position of your device, you can move the top and bottom of your device to check that. this way you can easily find your phone’s sensor position and detect electronic devices easily.

When ever you are going on a vacation and plan to stay in a hotel or public place. There can be someone spying on you. So you should keep yourself safe by detecting hidden cameras around. This way you can keep yourself safe from spies. Tips and tricks feature in the app is allowing you to find spy cameras and detect hidden cameras manually by some tips. If the app is vibrating around some suspected area then you should inspect the area manually for any hidden spy device.

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