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Formera mobile app is a data collection tool (related to Formera main web application) for business development, humanitarian data collection, statistical studies, and research sectors.

Formera mobile app helps you:

Get access to forms that assigned to you.
Fill out forms in offline and online modes.
Store data locally for further review and amendments.
Sync all data at one time or sync submissions one by one.
Choose your app language (English or Arabic).
Auto refresh when connected to internet.
Manage, discuss, and review data.

Formera main web application lets you design the forms you wish, then assign them to both collaborators and submitters. While submitters use the mobile app to collect and submit data, collaborators will manage the received submissions, approve/reject them, add comments, edit them, and analyze them.

Building Formera forms is a quite innovative, simple, profound, and smooth. It lets you add multi-step related lists, conditional fields, lookups, etc.

Formera web application offers a robust environment to create your organization hierarchy and determine the permissions of each level. Moreover, it lets you assign both submitters and collaborators to certain units in specified levels.

Collected data by its own is just a raw and useless data. Therefore, Formera provides an impressive data analysis engine through giving the users the flexibility to build dynamic reports, aggregate them, filter their results, and extract decision-support charts.

In brief, Formera is a full solution platform that handles all your business needs starting from data collection, passing through managing/editing/filtering collected data, to analyzing and mining it.

For more information about Formera and its subscription plans, visit us: FormEra? .

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