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EVmatch eliminates “range anxiety” and increases public charging options with a peer-to-peer electric vehicle charging network. Find, reserve, and pay for use of a private charging station with just a few clicks. Whether you’re looking for charging on a road trip, near your work, or in your neighborhood, EVmatch helps you connect with reliable private charging stations. EVmatch is now operating its sharing service nationwide!

For EV drivers:
-Get access to more charging stations (Level 1 and 2) by booking the use of private home and business chargers in advance.
-Enter access codes to unlock exclusive availability and pricing at chargers you’ve been granted access to.
-Filter and search the map for private chargers that meet your specific charging needs.
-Load your wallet with EVmatch credit to easily pay for charging on the go. Purchase credit with a credit card or Google Pay.
-Receive app notifications when your charging sessions are approved.
-Earn charging credit by referring your friends. Earn $10 of credit after they make their first EVmatch reservation. Earn $15 in bonus credit when they become a charging host and host a charging session.

For residential charging hosts:
-Share your home EV charger or electrical outlet with fellow EV drivers for a price you can control.
-Update your listing, availability, and hourly access fee.
-Input your electricity provider and rate structure so you never have to think about how much to charge drivers for using your station.
-Manage bookings and get paid for hosting your station.
-Convert your earnings into credit for charging your own EV when you’re away from home.
-*Optional: Connect a compatible WiFi-enabled smart charger to your account for additional access control features.

For commercial charging hosts:
-Rent a low-cost, WiFi-enabled EV charger on the app and reach thousands of EV drivers.
-Manage your charger's public versus private availability.
-Set differentiated pricing and availability for user groups.
-Create user groups with exclusive access codes.
-Set specific hours to activate payments.
-Manage pricing - set hourly or energy-based prices.
-Review past and scheduled bookings and earnings.
-Receive payments through our secure payment processing system. EVmatch? .

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