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Welcome to the English tenses android application.This application consists rules of English Tenses with practice exercises.
English Tenses are important part of English Grammar.Basic knowledge of English tenses is essential for native as well as non-native English speakers to improve English speaking & writing skills.This application helps users to learn & improve the English tenses in a very easy and effective manner. Basics of English tenses with practice exercises are covered in most simple way.Following items are covered in the application:
2.Simple Present Tense
3.Present Continuous Tense
4.Present Perfect Tense
5.Present Perfect Continuous Tense
6.Simple Past Tense
7.Past Continuous Tense
8.Past Perfect Tense
9.Past Perfect Continuous Tense
10.Simple Future Tense
11.Future Continuous Tense
12.Future Perfect Tense
13.Future Perfect Continuous Tense
14.practice exercises of present,past and future tense. English Tenses? .

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