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Send sms reminders automatically to your clients so they never miss an appointment!

Using Appointments Planner will make managing your beauty saloons, hair styling, makeup, cosmetics and everything else that requires appointments a walk in the park.

Managing appointments has never been easier or simpler, and it will feel like your notebook is always in your pocket.
This appointments manager is focused to help you manage and create appointments for your business or personal life.
Once you will try it, you won't be able to imagine managing your appointments without it, it's that simple!

You can give it a try, by installing the trial version, which will allow you to enter 15 appointments in total. If you decide to subscribe, regardless of the subscription you choose, you will be able to add an infinite number of appointments.

With this appointments manager, no need for a notebook anymore!

Appointments Planner - Appoint Book can send an automatic sms reminder to your clients for each new appointment you create, so they know right away that the appointment has been made.

Give it a try! Install the Appointments Planner - Appoint Book Appointments Planner? .

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